About Us

We believe that the open Internet of Things (IoT) can make life better for everyone. From this founding principle, we are creating a business that actually delivers the results people are looking for from this new technology.

Founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of Seabourne Consulting, we got our start with an ambitious plan to use open IoT sensors to change the way local food supply chains are managed. From there, we've built out a list of customers from multiple industries, including transportation, utilities and local & regional governments.

Our commitment to open hardware, open source software and open data runs deep. By building on top of open source, we are able to deliver faster, better results for our customers. As a rule, we make our own code open source, and are active contributors to multiple projects on GitHub.

What We Do


Our specialty is end-to-end solutions that solve real problems. We leverage custom and off-the-shelf tools, combined with expertise consulting to deliver a tailored solution.


We offer a complete set of consulting services, including IoT strategy, sensor design, software engineering and solution management.


Our IoT products make projects move quickly. Pre-packaged sensors combined with open-source software means you aren't locked in to a particular vendor.